a collection of inspirational poems/stories that express My insightful journey through life, love, and the spiritual realm

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Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart

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i Express my feelings...Words that float from within.. Yet nothing has certainty.... It is about taking it one day at a time... I’m touched by life and circumstances.. And I begin over here ....

A collection of inspirational poems that express My insightful journey through life, love, and the spiritual realm.

Life today is fast and words are hard to come by to express how special the people in your life are! The latest cards don’t quite say it … they don’t capture how you feel about the people you love in your life. So if you want to create something unique, why not say it in a Poem!

I was never the type of person who’s really into writing poetry but someTime's i do Write it , and i love reading poems. I specially like those poems written by people to express how they feel towards another person.

Har Ek Sawaal Ka Main Uss Ko Jawaab Kya Deta? Main Ek Ek Zakhm Ka Uss Ko Hisaab Kya Deta?
Jo Ek Lafz Ki Khusbo Na Rakh Saka... Main Uss K Haath Main Pori Kitaab Kya Deta

7 Sweet Pecks ♥:

Anonymous said...

Lafzon ko padhnae waalon ko mai kya bata deta
Voh dil hi aur hota hai jo dil ko padh leta hai

neha said...

ye lafz to kuch aur bayaan karte he...
yeh lafz hi he jo gumraah karte he ...
pathar ki chot dete he bas phul sa waar karte he ..
ye lafz to kuch aur hi bayaan karte he..

Gitana The Lonely Girl said...

keep posting! I like your blog and song ☺

Anonymous said...

X( no new pics!! waiting so long! =((

Anonymous said...

What are the lyrics to this song that plays on this site?

Anonymous said...

lafzon ne mujhe bhi dhoka diya
isne hi mujhe gumrah kiya
vishvas kiya aise lafzon par
jisne kabhi sach nahi kaha.............

Kevin Collins said...

Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
Can I contact you through email address?

Please email me back.

kevincollins1011 gmail.com

:X :)) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( =(( :-o :-* :| x(

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