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Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart

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A Letter To Someone Who Will Never Read It

Dear You, how could you break my heart and think everything is OK? I loved you and you left me for another girl. I know the reason; I wouldn't give you what you wanted. I wasn't ready, and apparently she was! You said it didn't matter if I wasn't ready, you loved me for me.Yet, when another girl who is willing comes along, you leave me as fast as you can. You tell everyone what you're going to do before you even let me know. So why is it that I had to be the last one to know? You don't think it could be worse then that? Well it can. You were such a wimp, that you couldn't even tell me yourself! Now as I think about our relationship, I realize that I wasted 4 and half months on you! You weren't even that special to me, I just let myself think that you were! You've been flirting with some girls who I thought were my friends, but apparently you've turned them against me. You made me feel small by the things you said. You gave me the reputations as a slut. Why would you tell people that we did those things? Does it make you look better, like more of a man? You don't even feel any guilt about what you did, and that is basically like screaming that you have no heart and care for no one but yourself. Now you tell people you're with my old friend, and everyone thinks she's cheating on her boyfriend that is here. You try and make me jealous by saying all the girls like you and it's so hard to choose one, but I know the truth. No one really does like you. I guess it makes you feel better by saying those things because you know it makes me hurt. I'm getting over you so fast now that I've found someone much better then you ever were to me. In only a couple weeks, I've realized that I care more for him then I ever cared for you! Now doesn't that make you feel great? Probably not, but after every hurtful thing you've said or done to me, I think it's your turn to take some of my pain that you've caused. Can you believe its been 5 months since we were together, and you still have the power to hurt me? Well not anymore, I don't need you and I never will again. So you can have all those girls who would give you anything, but leave me out of all of that. Thanks for everything, but now, just stop talking to me. You try and are friends but I hate you and I'd like it if we never spoke again! So in order to forget you, I guess this is goodbye. Maybe someday we'll see each other in the long run, but until then you're only a memory. I have to forget about the past, and focus on what's happening now. You can't hurt me forever. So goodbye and good riddance.

Love -----

4 Sweet Pecks ♥:

Valli said...

True words straight from heart...:'(

Nitish Singla said...

agreed..... i think he was a fool...

luckyless said...

the girl is truly in love with that guy

Anonymous said...

Everytime the girl cried for him, this BASTARD thought that she is crying for someone else. He himself was a characterless man, and hence he doubted the girl's love for him and her character.

Moreover, he played with the emotions and the LIFE of this girl. He misled her, gave her the impressions that he loves her, but actually he was enjoying with other girls.

He gave her pain by not believing in her, by breaking her trust (that to again and again) and by betraying her. She is unable to bear the pain of betrayal, betrayal by a person whom she trusted so much.

NOw for all his life he will yearn for the very same love and dedication which he doubted and did not value. But noone will ever give him this love. He will die with an empty heart. AMEN!

:X :)) :D ;) :p :(( :) :( =(( :-o :-* :| x(

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